Custom Tamper Proof Labels

Security Labels are designed to be placed on surfaces to deter thieves or undesirables from trying to remove them or to steal products or objects of any kind from an establishment. Many retail stores have ongoing issues with shoplifting and overall tampering by customers, including individuals who will try to steal and then resell items that are marked ‘not for resale’. Stores and owners have to be more proactive to deal with these rising issues and security labels, also known as tamper-proof labels, were created to answer this need. These security labels are made of special kinds of vinyl and are created with certain properties specific to the needs of the buyer who requests them.

There are two main types of tamper-proof labels, one is known as “destructible vinyl” and the other is “indestructible vinyl”. Barcode Labels

Destructible vinyl is made with a special adhesive that causes the label to tear into pieces if someone tries to remove it, effectively showing an obvious attempt to remove the label or steal the object it’s affixed to. This will allow owners and security to better pinpoint attempts at shoplifting and to help identify who the culprit may have been through the use of their security cameras. Often it’s so difficult to remove these stickers that any would-be thief will be deterred and move on without completing their attempt, due to it being too obvious or difficult to manage without being caught.

Indestructible vinyl is useful for sealing items or products that you don’t want opened, these items range from food to makeup, hygiene products, essentially anything that for safety or health reasons should be sealed well and not tampered with until after its been purchased. This is a great way to ensure health and beauty products, as well as food items, are safe and sterile when they reach your customers. Another unique use for these labels is to mark your merchandise and make it nearly impossible for anyone to resell your products. These stickers are effective due to a super-strong, practically indestructible adhesive used on the back of the label to make removal not only difficult but very obvious, since it’s likely to leave a distinct residue trace behind and possibly even damage the items finish in the process therefore lowering it’s value.

To make these labels and stickers even stronger and more durable, they can also be laminated upon request. This process can increase the labels usefulness from seven years to ten years on its own, making this process very worth it for any astute business owner. They can also be numbered in any way desired for extra tracking efficiency and to help recover merchandise that still manages to be removed from stores. These security labels can easily pay for themselves with the amount of security they provide against shoplifters and illegal resales. Loss prevention is a major concern for many retailers and companies and this is one step guaranteed to help improve the margin of loss experienced due to shoplifters and resellers.


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