4 Signs It’s Time To Look for a New Advertising Agency

In the old days of advertising, the practice was largely more art than science. Creatives more often than not based their success on feeling rather than hard data. However, with the evolution of digital technology and the growing compulsion to quantify everything, clients now have a way of measuring the effectiveness of every ad or marketing decision. If you suspect your advertising agency is not giving you the clear and complete picture of their efforts and how they are performing, it may be time to fire them. Here are five things to watch out for.

1. The Focus is On Vanity Rather Than Conversion Metrics pay per install programs

Far too often, marketing and ad agencies highlight their ‘vanity’ metrics in their reporting. In other words, these are the numbers that are designed to make you feel good, such as the number of visitors or impressions, likes and followers. While visibility is important, it does not always translate into conversions.

Your agency should lead with conversion metrics, like the number of leads generated, inquiries, and of course, actual sales. By looking at what actions you can take to increase sales, you can better focus on those consumers most likely to purchase from you.

2. They Report Keyword Rankings, but Not Links

Search engine optimization refers to the process of creating content relevant to certain keywords on your website, as well as various other places around the web that link back to your site. The latter process is often referred to simply as back linking. As a result, your site starts to appear higher and higher in search rankings for that keyword. The best agencies will not only show you how you are improving for various keywords, but shares their back linking process, so you know exactly what actions are being taken.

3. They Don’t Give You Access

Your data belongs to you and no one else. If your agency tries to get between you and your data, by sending you a monthly report that only highlights the favorable aspects of their performance, while neglecting to give you the full truth, you need to step in. Ideally you should ask for your own personal log in to their data tracking software in your initial m

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